If you want to contact me about suggestion, share, contribute or something else, i don’t mind. I accept it. But before that, please read my requirements how to reach me:

1. No spam, please. I don’t like a spam, it’s makes me annoying and disgusting. Of course that i am gonna kick your butt if you do spam me (means that your email will be ignore and mark it as “spam” and not a long again, delete) No tolerance.

2. For suggestion, share, contribute or other things; sure i accept it but it must be related about this website (Linux) only and i must review about your thought whether accepted or not. It depends.

3. If something wrong about me and website, please be ask kindly and righteous. Not to discriminated, harassing and accusing me. It would not solve a problem if you do a bad attitude to me. Let’s discuss it nicely to make a problem solve better and quick.

4. Write in English only.

5. Any contact to me must be related about Linux only. No related about this will be terminated (means ignore and delete email) It depends also.

If you meet my requirements, i will reply your email if i am available.

Don’t worry, your email information will not be share to anyone. I don’t have a bad intention like that.

To contact me, just email me to webmaster(at)

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Thank you for your attention.