About Me

Just call me Derry, and my major is software engineering.

My most interest for any type software is about Linux. The reason i interest about Linux because i am just curious about Linux. After i read and try about Linux, i was very interesting and exciting that Linux is free operating system and it’s about freedom to use as you like, my spirit will become a higher. So, i decide to post something to this website.

Please be remind that i am not truly expert Linux but also i am not newbie Linux. So, you can say i am intermediate Linux at this time.

My favorite Linux OS is Mint (based on Ubuntu and Debian, even i like both of them too). And from now on, i am using or testing with Ubuntu due its easy to use a deploy.

About Website

So, what is LinuxCeon? LinuxCeon is stand for Linux Source Connection, means this website is Linux only. And it has 3 meanings for LinuxCeon:

  • Linux is a Unix-like computer operating system assembled under the model of free and open source software development and distribution.
  • Source for Linux means that Linux has any type of open source; such as software (e.g. GIMP), operating system (e.g. Ubuntu), games (e.g. Super Tux Kart), CMS (e.g. WordPress) and other.
  • Connection for Linux means that only related to the Linux. For example; Android is modified from Linux kernel, license GPL is used to licensing a software Linux like VLC Media Player (even that licensing can be used to software for Windows and MAC, too), software that can be install in Linux (e.g. TrueCrypt, Dropbox, VMware Worksation) and so on.

If you found that this website has an issue (such as security issue) and other issue, you can contact me. The more we communicate, the more better. It depends about what you want to contact me.