Definition About Folder /opt In Linux. Why?

I am just make a short summary for definition /opt.

Most of my post instruction is why i must say that you should put or installed a software to the /opt?

Because it can be use as a reserved for all the software and add-on packages that are not part of the default installation. Most of provider software don’t use an installed in /opt

inside folder opt Definition About Folder /opt In Linux. Why?

Inside folder opt

For example:

  • Google Chrome (one click-installer and it will be automatically to the folder /opt)
  • PeaZip (portable version, you can extract thereĀ  in /opt manually if you wish)
  • JDK (it used to support for an add-on software, such as Firefox, if you like to put i there)

If you are Windows user, just think about like “C:/Program Files/” directory.

And for me, i use this to install my software (it depends a software) to the /opt folder, just to make a neat and to make sure that i will not be confuse to put an installed software somewhere, rather than i put in such as /usr/bin, home/your_username/Desktop and other location file.

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